Who We Are And What We Do

ISEM is an innovative organization that is very active in SaaS – be it Solution as a Service or Service as a Solution – based on Geospatial Services, Big Data Analytics, Mobile APP and Web Application Development, Consultancy Services, all encompassed within the definition of Business Intelligence; applying the state-of-the-art technologies in several domains such as Public Health, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Marine, Defense, Financial Services and Utilities

ISEM is that company that seeks to meet every Business Intelligence need in Nigeria, West Africa and the world. ISEM is a leading technology group delivering solutions that help their clients gain competitive advantage and improve their efficiencies and ROI. ISEM has endeavored to lead in the implementation of cutting-edge geospatial technologies, translating these solutions into value for customers through our professional services and consulting businesses.


These benefits will help your organization to achieve the following:

Achieve desired organizational objectives
Improve program/project outcome
Reduce and avoid costs
Increase project efficiency and productivity
Increase and assure revenue
Protect staff and citizens
Support regulatory compliance
Improve customer service
Enhance customer satisfaction and competitive advantage

Industry Focus Our focused industry:

Data Analytics
Natural Resources
Health & Human Services
Sustainable Development


Aiding clients in delivering greater value using geospatial analysis that is affordable, functional and with great ease of use.