Big Data Analytics

ISEM is an innovative organization that is very active in SaaS – be it Solution as a Service or Service as a Solution – based on Geospatial Services, Big Data Analytics, Mobile APP and Web Application Development, Consultancy Services, all encompassed within the definition of Business Intelligence; applying the state-of-the-art technologies in several domains such as Public Health, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Marine, Defense, Financial Services and Utilities.

ISEM is a leading technology group delivering solutions that help their clients gain competitive advantage and improve their efficiencies and ROI. ISEM has endeavored to lead in the implementation of cutting-edge geospatial technologies, translating these solutions into value for customers through our professional services and consulting businesses. Due to the fact that location is the foundation of all aspects of business, geographic information systems have been used by business, geographic information systems have been used by business for decades to examine, envisage and understand location information so as to make more enlightened business decisions

Integrated Spatial & Environmental Managers (ISEM) is a dynamic organization which embodies and unites an elite team in the management of natural space and environment with the application of cutting-edge technology in the delivery of high end services.


ISEM implement accurate, high quality data collection and superior analytical algorithms to proffer environmental, physical and social solutions presented in the most accessible and effective formats. GIS services not only collate and analyse geospatial data but also interpret, model and predict geographic phenomena for better decision making and implementations.

ISEM GIS and Geospatial process is a cost-effective way for organizations to understand how to leverage GIS technology and enhance their organizational performance.

With the global trend in geospatial advancement and trend in neo-geography, ISEM offers several applications in the realm of server GIS, Web GIS, Enterprise GIS, crowd-sourcing, data gathering and sorting which provides measurable advantages in the areas of economy, health, e-Governance and environment.

Our goal is match your objectives to the best technical, most cost-effective, and long-term solution for your agency.

ISEM’s wide range of geospatial services:

  • Business analytics utilizing geospatial techniques
  • Solutions for the financial industry
  • E-governance packages
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Consultations
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Smart data presentations and gathering
  • Epidemiology tracking /surveillance solution
  • Geospatial solutions in Demography
  • Remote Sensing


Most organizations that have implemented enterprise GIS solutions come to quickly realize that they need customized applications to maintain accurate, up-to-date data and to perform department-specific spatial modelling and analysis. To address this issue, ISEM offers our clients design and development services for customized GIS applications. Our development process begins with a detailed specifications requirement and uses an iterative process to ensure that applications meet the users’ needs. Our developers use their expertise to implement the database capabilities for scalability, reliability, security, backups, and data integrity.

ISEM has developed customized GIS applications for such organizations as:

  • Banking Industries
  • Paramedics (ERT)
  • Police
  • Government institutions



ISEM provides independent GIS consultancy services for all sizes and types of organization. With a highly experienced in-house technical team, we maximize spatial data to provide the information you need to complete your project successfully. We at ISEM have a passion for strong customer relationships that generate long term partnerships.

Our GIS consultancy services include:

  • Environmental Analysis and Mapping
  • Business Analysis and Mapping
  • Transportation mapping
  • GIS application design and development
  • Community and Infrastructural Mapping and Analysis
  • Software Sales
  • Training and Support
  • Data Sourcing
  • Data Capture and Conversion
  • Database Design and Creation
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Map and Data Output
  • Custom Reporting